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Train4Life is the neighborhood gym of the south shore, whose namesake program provides a 360-degree approach to fitness, with top-of-the-line equipment backed by a team of expert trainers. An alternative to the commercial “box” gym, the Train4Life mission is to provide a clean, personable environment where members can become part of a community and get a high impact workout to achieve all of their fitness goals.

Through a personalized approach and combination of cardio, resistance training and nutrition, Train4Life creates results through consistency, accountability, and sustainability, helping clients reach their maximum potential and live a healthy lifestyle for years to come.


Meet the individuals who will help you find your “why”. When you find the “why” behind your “want”, your limits disappear. Our team of experienced coaches will push, encourage, educate, and help you become the best version of yourself.

Ed Mazzuchelli


Ann Marie Ellis

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Payton Collins

Fuel Nutrition Coach

Train4Life Before And After Gym Transformations


Want to learn more about how redefining yourself through fitness, strength, and discipline at Train4Life can change your life?

Train4Life personal training is for people of a fitness levels.

Personal Training

T4L personal training is for people of ALL fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned workout vet looking to add variety to your routine or someone just getting started, T4L coaching can help you take that next step towards your health & wellness goals.

T4L Basic Training guides students with fun, inspirational day-by-day, week-by-week support from a trusted fitness professional.


Our students, like most of us, could use some guidance in the gym. T4L Basic Training guides students with the T4L Strength Training App. Are they going to sweat? Yes. Are they going to sweat any small hiccups along the way? Not a chance!